Interview with Charles Siebert (III)

In the third part of Sebastián Rojas Cabal’s interview
with Charles Siebert, the pair discuss
the teaching of Creative Writing at NYU Abu Dhabi.

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There’s A Metaphor In There Somewhere

Gabrielle Flores finds herself by getting lost in London’s bookshops.

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Translation Studies and World Literature

Viviana Kawas and Dominique Lear talk to
Cornell classics scholar Frederick Ahl
about the fields of translation studies and world literature.

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Looking for Nature (II)

Part Two of Nikolaj Nielsen’s account of a gorilla trek
in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest.

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Snapshots From Berlin (II)

Shenuka Corea offers us scenes from the German capital.
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Over the course of a mid-February weekend, a plot of turf in Mushrif Park fills with tents, kiosks, bandstands, demo stages, and “15 of the best street food traders from the streets of London,” trucks and all. Hannah Walhout samples the delicious fare at the Love Food Festival, and muses on where Abu Dhabi’s burgeoning food scene is headed next.

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Twenty-First-Century Global Liberal Arts Education

An Electra Street Colloquium



Frankenstein and His Progeny

An Electra Street Colloquium


From the Archives

Card Games in Nepal

The game is reasonably straightforward. Pass cards around from one player to another until someone collects a set of four. Each player can only hold four cards in her hand at once, and choosing to keep a new card means discarding another. Once someone has “four of a... read more

50 Dirhams a Day: Abu Dhabi

If you are looking to take a break from the overwhelming daily pace of Abu Dhabi, commit to an afternoon exploring the city. You’ll be surprised how far 50 dirhams will get you. Catch the number 5 bus to the Al Mina Port. Get off at the Electra Street stop, which is... read more

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