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To celebrate the festive season, we present more playlists for your listening pleasure! Ken Nielsen, Jim Savio, Justin Stearns, and Grega Ulen share some of the songs that make them think of “home.”

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The Nile Project Plays at NYUAD

Nikolaj Nielsen listens to the Nile Project’s musical celebration the life and music of the Nile countries at NYU Abu Dhabi’s East Plaza.

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ELLIS, a 14-minute film by the visual artist JR, stars Robert DeNiro and offers a compelling meditation on the plight of migrants and refugees — past and present.

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A Taste of Home

Riva Razdan samples the food at Bite Rite, an Abu Dhabi restaurant that promises its patrons “healthy” Indian food.
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Review: IKEA's Swedish Meatballs

Nikolaj Nielsen cherishes each of his IKEA Swedish meatballs, including the thirteenth one the server gave him by mistake.


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Recently on Electra Street


Thinking through Music

Homework isn’t the only thing that can get students to think: Dana Abu Ali meditates on the powerful experience of watching and listening to Toshi Reagon’s “Parable of the Sower: The Concert Version.”

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Twenty-First-Century Global Liberal Arts Education

An Electra Street Colloquium



Frankenstein and His Progeny

An Electra Street Colloquium


From the Archives

Card Games in Nepal

The game is reasonably straightforward. Pass cards around from one player to another until someone collects a set of four. Each player can only hold four cards in her hand at once, and choosing to keep a new card means discarding another. Once someone has “four of a... read more

50 Dirhams a Day: Abu Dhabi

If you are looking to take a break from the overwhelming daily pace of Abu Dhabi, commit to an afternoon exploring the city. You’ll be surprised how far 50 dirhams will get you. Catch the number 5 bus to the Al Mina Port. Get off at the Electra Street stop, which is... read more

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