Beginnings, Books, and Bazaars

Diana Gluck talks to the Slavs and Tartars art collective, whose work will be appearing this spring at the NYUAD Art Gallery.

Part I of the interview focuses on the groups origins and the conversations its installations have inspired.

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International Awards and World Literature

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe gave the field a name.
Grega Ulen meditates on what’s happened to it since then.

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Place, Language, and Literature

Part two of Jamie Sutherland’s conversation with the judges for the 2015 Man Booker International Prize.

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Frankenstein and His Progeny

An Electra Street colloquium.
This week: Waïl Hassan and Tomi Tsunoda join
Katherine Schaap Williams, Deborah Lindsay Williams,
and Cyrus R. K. Patell.

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What's on Your Bookshelf: Glenn Wharton

Paloma Saco-Vértiz talks the museum studies scholar about what he’s been reading lately.

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Frankenstein and His Progeny

An Electra Street Colloquium


Reimagining a Classic

What I found most interesting about Organs, Tissues, and Candy Games, the recent NYUAD student production created in collaboration with the Zoukak Theater Company from Lebanon, was its exploration of the ways in which the human body can be appropriated for purposes... read more

Frankenstein in Baghdad

I’m speaking about Frankenstein in Baghdad, a novel by Ahmed Saadawi, an Iraqi novelist who was born in Baghdad in 1973. This novel won the International Prize for Arabic Fiction earlier this year. As its title suggests, the novel was inspired by Frankenstein,... read more

Frankenstein and Technophobia

Let’s begin with a word that isn’t in either the 1818 or the 1831 texts of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: robot. In fact, the word robot wasn’t coined until 1921, when it first appeared in the play R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots) by the Czech... read more


Recently on Electra Street


Night Light

  All photography by Jack Dickson. When I walked into the NYUAD Project Space to meet Julie Stopper for a tour of her exhibition Night Light, I saw a group of students sprawled on the floor, huddled around a computer, giggling at the screen. Stopper was sitting... read more

50 Dirhams a Day: Berlin

AED 50 = 10.98 Euros With only €10.98 in your pocket, you’ve found yourself in Berlin. We can work with this. You’re not in New York. UBahn at Eberswalderstrasse For breakfast, grab a classic brotchen or maybe even go a little crazy and get a Butter Schnittlauch... read more

Attempting the Food Festival

For a long time food has been my primary obsession. I’ve worked in professional kitchens, had my own small bakery, and have exhausted shelves of all food-related literature, but, above all, I have always been a spectacularly avid eater. Much more than a form of... read more

The Lasting Appeal of Sholay

“Film is one way — perhaps the most important way — in which India makes sense of the teeming, heaving and chaotic multiplicity and the sprawling diversity of this tumultuous nation state. Bollywood is ‘ordered chaos’ or pastiche, Bedlam... read more

From the Archives

Card Games in Nepal

The game is reasonably straightforward. Pass cards around from one player to another until someone collects a set of four. Each player can only hold four cards in her hand at once, and choosing to keep a new card means discarding another. Once someone has “four of a... read more

50 Dirhams a Day: Abu Dhabi

If you are looking to take a break from the overwhelming daily pace of Abu Dhabi, commit to an afternoon exploring the city. You’ll be surprised how far 50 dirhams will get you. Catch the number 5 bus to the Al Mina Port. Get off at the Electra Street stop, which is... read more

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