Frankenstein and His Progeny

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Attempting the Food Festival

NYUAD foodie Christina Serrano begins her investigation of Abu Dhabi’s eclectic and growing food scene.

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The Problem of Point-of-View in Documentary Film

Prompted by a panel at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival,
Grega Ulen reflects on the interplay of subjectivity and objectivity
in documentary film.

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The Lasting Appeal of Sholay

Nearly three decades after the iconic Bollywood film’s release, Mohit Mandal finally sees
what all the fuss was about.

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Recently on Electra Street


Becoming a Monster

Monsters do not only reside under the childhood bed or closet, nor is their habitat constrained to horror films and nightmares. Monsters, creatures that elicit a shiver from even the most apathetic intellectual, walk among us, live inside us, because we are the... read more

Eid Postcard Contest Winners

We asked community members who had traveled during the 2014 Eid al-Adha holiday to submit photos from their trips that would make good postcards. Here are our top submissions. Scroll down to find our winning three postcards:   Aiman Khurram, Those Who Don’t... read more

Nobel Prize Announcement

I arrived where I wanted to be: Gamla Stan, a fairytale condensed into a tiny island marking the center of Stockholm. Cobbled streets and alluring alleyways dating back to the thirteenth century host a multitude of museums and trinket shops that, when I arrived, had... read more

Reflections on a Sri Lankan Adventure

Finally! The torch works again. The others seem to gain confidence despite the rain beating down on their faces and keep climbing ahead. Me? I’m falling behind. Like always. This is what you get while trying to climb a mountain during a storm. Who thought this... read more

Da Vinci Comes to Abu Dhabi

I should warn you, art has never really been my thing. I have never felt comfortable contemplating art pieces, analyzing them or describing what I feel when I look at them — partly because I feel nothing. As you might imagine, then, attending the Abu Dhabi... read more

Interview with Abdullah al-Mutairi

I first discovered Abdullah al Mutairi, an artist from Kuwait but studying in NYC, online on an art competition hosted by 89+ and DIS magazine, called DIScrit. Dubbing its contestants #YoungerThanRihanna, the contest aimed to promote work from artists born in and... read more

From the Archives

Card Games in Nepal

The game is reasonably straightforward. Pass cards around from one player to another until someone collects a set of four. Each player can only hold four cards in her hand at once, and choosing to keep a new card means discarding another. Once someone has “four of a... read more

50 Dirhams a Day: Abu Dhabi

If you are looking to take a break from the overwhelming daily pace of Abu Dhabi, commit to an afternoon exploring the city. You’ll be surprised how far 50 dirhams will get you. Catch the number 5 bus to the Al Mina Port. Get off at the Electra Street stop, which is... read more

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