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To Get Ready for Climate Change, Read Octavia Butler

To Get Ready for Climate Change, Read Octavia Butler Stephanie LeMenager November 2017 Octavia Butler’s novels Parable of the Sower (1993) and Parable of the Talents (1998), the first two of an unfinished series, have been widely hailed as “realist” science fiction...

Global Shakespeare: The 401st and Beyond

Global Shakespeare after the Quatercentenary The 401st and Beyond April 2017 More than 400 years after his death, Shakespeare’s writing continues to inspire (and sometimes antagonize) readers, audiences, writers, actors, and directors around the world. Join us for two...

Ready, Set, Write!

Submit to the Flash Fiction contest sponsored by NYUAD LITCW and Tempo Magazine. Deadline 1 April 2016.

Interview with Miguel Syjuco

I’d like to think that a good writer can write a book that reaches everyone, that they can make it rich enough and in a way maybe dense enough so that some things will reach their home audience, in my case the Filipinos, and some things will reach only the foreign audience — Miguel Syjuco

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