On Location

Dreams and Delusions

Because I'm taking a "Pathways of World Literature" class called Dreams this semester, I signed up to watch a program of short films called "Dreams and Delusions," which was part of last month's Imagine Science Abu Dhabi Film Festival. Despite my stint with high...

Qasr al Hosn Festival 2015

Dana Abu Ali visits the third annual festival in Abu Dhabi, which celebrates the history of the city’s oldest building and the emirate that grew up around it.

Card Games in Nepal

The game is reasonably straightforward. Pass cards around from one player to another until someone collects a set of four. Each player can only hold four cards in her hand at once, and choosing to keep a new card means discarding another. Once someone has “four of a...

Love in Objects: The Museum of Innocence

Orhan Pamuk’s Museum of Innocence offers an alternative telling of his novel by the same name, raising questions about the power of everyday objects to convey meaning. Tessa Ayson takes us on an exploration of this window into Turkey’s soul

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