The fourth issue of AIRPORT ROAD, a journal of student creative work sponsored by Electra Street features original prose, poetry, and visual art by members of NYU’s Global Network student community. Hard copy (gratis) is available from the office of the Dean of Arts and Humanities at NYUAD’s Saadiyat Campus. A tablet version is available on the Apple App Store and the Amazon App Store (for Kindle Fire). It is coming soon to Google Play for Android tablets. Don’t have a tablet? Look below to read the digital issue in your browser.


Lina Amjad Elmusa, “Airports”
Angelica Castro-Mendoza, “Thoughts from  the Bus Ride Home”
Garreth Chan, “Skin-Wearers in Grand Central”
Ayah Rashid, “The CREATE LITERARY EQUALITY Manifesto”
Shamma Al Bastaki, “Poetry Stuck in my Windpipe”
Amna Alharmoodi, “Strawberry”
Khadeeja Farooqui, “astor place, ny”
Khadeeja Farooqui, “city screaming”
Thirangie Jayatilake, “Urumuri (Light That Never Ends)”
Sabrina Ruobing Zhao, “Haiku”
Lina Elmusa, “Active Participant”
Theodore Tenev, “Restlessness”
Louise Gerodias, “Haiku”
Alice Huang, “To Do List”
Garreth Chan, “Eyelashes”
Nadeen Alalami, “Claim”
Khadeeja Farooqui, “on loss”
Ayah Rashid, “Sitting Room”
Tzy Juin Tan, “Haikus: 1, 2, 4″
Alice Huang, “Juicy, Colorful, Even Sweet”
Dr. Souad Al Sabah, “Veto on the Feminine Noon [فيتو‭ ‬علي‭ ‬نون‭ ‬النسوة]‭ ‬(English translation by Shamma Al Bastaki)”
Garreth Chan, “Origami”
Ayah Rashid, “[Catching Feelings]”
Khadeeja Farooqui, “skype call”
Ankita Sadarjoshi, “Untitled”
Muhammad Shehryar Hamid, “1st”
Laura Waltje, “I Am a Box in the Basement Woman”
Ankita Sadarjoshi, “afternoon poem”
G Jansen, “Falling, Slowly”
Alice Huang, “The Secret Lover”
Pramugdha Maheswari, “linguistic aphasia”


Viviana Kawas, “Tiempos Ajenos: A Short Series of Images”
Rosy Tahan, “Pas de Deux”
Ankita Sadarjoshi, “Girl”
Angelica Castro-Mendoza, “Stranger”
Merima Sabanovic, “Homo Erectus:  Thus Walked Zarathustra”
Adrienne Chang, “I Laugh the Only Way I Know How”
Dominique Joaquin, “Sent”


Qiyun Zhang, “Untitled” (Front Cover)
Yunbo Wu, “Berlin 7″
Yunbo Wu, “Berlin 8″
Kamiliya Issaliyeva, “Collage 3″
Jiawei Li, “Self-Portrait”
Alyssa Yu, “Strangers on a Jaipuri Bus”
Ng Meizhi, “Rushing”
Alyssa Yu, “Amer Mahouts & Elephants”
Anastasiia Zubareva, “Fog on the Water, Vyatka River (Russia)”
Rosy Tahan, “Faith”
Anastasiia Zubareva, “Sunrise, Adam’s Peak (Sri Lanka)”
Flavia Cereceda, “Blue Boat”
Sugandha Shukla, “Fujairah Across the Sea”
Merima Sabanovic, “We Are One Body”
Shamma Al Bastaki, “Writes with a Knife”
Kamilya Issaliyeva, “Collage 2″
Evgenija Filova, “Divided Skies 1”
Alyssa Yu, “Hierarchical Reversal”
Alyssa Yu, “A Pisces & Two Decades in Oman”
Chukwuyem Onyibe, “Nikki’s Tragedy”
Alyssa Yu, “Peeping Lina”
Evgenija Filova, “Divided Skies 2”
Ethan Lee, “Mosque Lantern”
Ethan Lee, “A Man and a Camel”
Matilda Mahne, “Base Fesu 1:18”
Ethan Lee, “The Old Is Beautiful”
Ethan Lee, “Fresh Dates”
Alyssa Yu, “Postcards from Agra”
Merima Sabanovic, “She Is a Tree of Life to Them”
Nisala Saheed, “Fighter Fish”
Guo Lu, “Untitled”
Anastasiia Zubareva, “Autumn, Kirov (Russia)”
Ethan Lee, “Rust”
Flavia Cereceda, “Jewish Door in Shanghai”
Evgenija Filova, “Divided”
Evgenija Filova, “Divided Skies 3”
Evgenija , “Divided Skies 4”
Alyssa Yu, “Garlands”
Alyssa Yu, “A Door Adorned”
Evgenija Filova, “Untitled”
Alice Huang, “Fixed”
Alyssa Yu, “Man, Mannequin”
Chukwuyem Onyibe, “House Flower”
Sabrina Zhao, “Crossing” (Back Cover)

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