Global Shakespeare: The 401st and Beyond

Global Shakespeare after the Quatercentenary The 401st and Beyond April 2017 More than 400 years after his death, Shakespeare’s writing continues to inspire (and sometimes antagonize) readers, audiences, writers, actors, and directors around the world. Join us for two...

Weird History: Headspace 1.0

In 2013, four NYUAD students began interviewing their classmates about their experiences in Abu Dhabi. As the starting point for the interviews, they used seven questions: Why are you scared? Why do you feel repressed? Why do you feel liberated? Why do you regret...

Reimagining a Classic

How Organs, Tissues, and Candy Games explored the ways in which the human body can be appropriated for purposes beyond its initial, native intent.

Becoming a Monster

Monsters do not only reside under the childhood bed or closet, nor is their habitat constrained to horror films and nightmares. Monsters, creatures that elicit a shiver from even the most apathetic intellectual, walk among us, live inside us, because we are the...

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