The Photographic Society at New York University Abu Dhabi invited students to submit photos taken while traveling during this year’s spring break.

Seven photos were awarded prizes:

1st Place Overall – Untitled Portrait by Jack Dickson

“I met the man on a ferry across the Dardanelles in Turkey. His face spoke a long, hard history, and I wanted to capture a moment in his life.”

2nd Place Overall – “Away” by Rock Zou (Away)

“Taken through a bus rear window on a UAE highway. Sand flying all over the place and the big truck getting farther and farther away reminds me of the most forgotten corner of my memories.”

3d Place Overall – “A Tree, A Sensation, A Hope” by Nour Radi AlGharibeh

“Downtown Amman, Jordan. The boy and the old man may see one another as reflections of the past and the future. As if set by the invisible hands of destiny, this representation of the sad truth creates a picture-perfect moment.”

Best of Animals Category – “Plow” by Bethany Kolodny

“I took this picture halfway up to a hilltop village near Pokhara, Nepal.   We stopped to take a rest and buy some water, and the man tilling his fields was nice enough to let me stand right in the way of his plow to take the picture.”

Best of Landscape Category – “An Inner Journey” by Nahuel Rosa

“This picture was taken during my spiritual pilgrimage to the holy city of Mekka in Saudi Arabia. The image of the Kaaba in the background is astonishing and the diversity of the million of pilgrims, inspiring. This picture represents to me the idea of walking towards a goal and initiating with courage a journey. A journey of peace and submission.”
Best of Still Life Category – “The Sergei Parajanov Museum” by Young Nae Choi

“This photograph was taken in Yerevan, Armenia. I took this photograph because I was attracted by the reflection of the sunlight in the window and the soft pastel colors.”

Best of People Category – “Yerevan Morning” by Young Nae Choi

“I was at the central market in Yerevan when I took this photograph. The lady in the photograph is one of the vendors who sold various products.”


You can view these photographs in higher resolution, view their EXIF data, and also see other photos submitted for the contest, by visiting the Society’s Flickr site.