stearns.mapWe are pleased to announce that the first print issue of Electra Street will make its debut at the “Abu Dhabi Reads: Animal Farm” event that will be held at NYUAD’s Downtown Campus on April 10 at 6:30 p.m.

The first issue features articles by:

  • Yasser Alwan and Shamoon Zamir
  • Nathalie Peutz
  • Kevin Riordan and Michael Littig
  • Matthew Silverstein
  • Justin Stearns
  • Kate Stimpson
  • Ankhi Thakurta

It also contains short fiction by Jennifer Acker and Joanne P. D. Bui, and poems by Sachi Leith.

Intended for general readers interested in cutting-edge work in the arts and humanities, the journal features a design created by the NYUAD Design Collective. The issue is illustrated with art and photographs by Shakhbout Al Kaabi, Sarah Bushra, Lan Duong, Caroline Gobena, James Hunt,
Anna Ivanovna Kurkova, Justin Nestor, Kimberly Rodriguez, Rasha Shraim, Liza Tait-Bailey, and Agustina Zegers.

Electra Street 01 is being printed in the UAE and being distributed there and at NYU’s global sites and will shortly be available in a variety of e-reader and print-on-demand formats. If you’d like to have a copy of the inaugural issue, please send an inquiry to us at

[Image: Asya as-Sughra [Asia Minor] qabla al-Milad [before the birth of Christ] from the book Jughrafiya-i Osmani (published 1332/1914). From Justin Stearns’s article “Arab Crossroads Studies at NYU Abu Dhabi: A Regional Perspective.”]