[Editors’ Note: With this post, we inaugurate a new feature, the Electra Street Playlist. Each playlist is intended to┬áserve as a soundtrack for “home,” conceived either as a place or a specific moment in time — or both.]

I had a pretty classical rock upbringing. My father was a disc jockey in the ’60s back in Paris, and as a kid I spent an insane amount of time digging through all the amazing record sleeves he had collected over the years. I’ll never forget hearing these songs on vinyl for the first time; it was weirdly emotional. I also realized how much I had left to learn.

1. The Rolling Stones – Out of Time

2. Love – Alone Again Or

3. The Syndicate of Sound – Little Girl

4. Buffalo Springfield – Expecting To Fly

5. The Yardbirds – Happening Ten Years Time Ago

6. Antoine – Les Elucubrations

7. Serge Gainsbourg – l’Homme a la Tete de Choux

8. Music Machine – Talk Talk

9. Georges Brassems – Les Copains d’Abord

10. Donovan – Universal Soldier

11. The Byrds – Everybody’s Been Burned

12. Hapshash and the Colored Coat – The New Messiah Coming 1985

13. The Electric Prunes – I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)

14. Keith Relf – Shapes In My Mind

15. The Zombies – She’s Not There

16. Pink Floyd – Interstellar Overdrive

17. Easybeats – Friday on My Mind

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