“Home” for me evokes a certain consciousness that dates from before my move to Abu Dhabi. Leaving home meant leaving behind not only my family’s house and my hometown, but also, in a way, my mother tongue. Therefore, I have selected Slovenian music, or songs by musicians and bands at least partially Slovenian—both “evergreens” (as we call the legendary classics) that I grew up with, and contemporary tunes by my friends and musicians who I have great respect for and whose concerts and performances have punctuated my youth. The songs take me back to the memory of home they helped shape—my formative years in Ljubljana as it was then, filled with family and friends.

1. Marjana Deržaj: Poletna noč

2. Elda Viler: Lastovka

3. Svetlana Makarovič: Bifejska rastlina

4. Melodrom: Preden grem naprej

5. Lollobrigida: Stroboskop

6. Vlado Kreslin & Severa Gjurin: Abel in Kajn

7. N’Toko: Slovenec sem


9. New Wave Syria: Let It Out

10. RondNoir: Monsun


Grega Ulen is a member of the NYUAD class of 2017.