Three Poems

Alton Ramsey

April 2019

Everything Must Change

The Purple rain comes from the clouds
No Sun to light up the sky
And doves cry
A Sign O the Tymes
Yesterday’s page I just cannot turn

“Endless Love”

Yesterday, I dreamt about tomorrow
But somehow got caught up in today
Because it was just before midnight
When I actually fell asleep

She told me I was beyond the stars
The best thing imaginable
Her Knight in shining armor
Made her to feel of sleeping beauty
Only to awaken and find
I never knew her at all.

Dear Mama

You’ve always praised just how good I was in math, but as time goes on, I just can’t find the right equation to explain how everything about my being is so divided. Times and times again the numbers to that day, that hour, that moment play over and over again.

My heart is one vast ocean of emptiness, arms far stretched, I cannot let go of your hand. The plan is now changed, there’s much I seem not to understand.  You said I could demand this mountain cast itself into the sea, I asked only that it block the way to this now walk in the valley.

Warmth in words as family and friends tell of your wisdom and goodness, I am reminded that many in this room have not held the burden of this cup. I am frayed on all ends, sleep never begins this dream is not real, but all there is around me says that I am wide awake. Too many days past, there were so many things to say.

“What shall you do when you have no mother?” were your words of prophecy, as I marched onward thinking time would always sit at my side, and now my life seems a stand still forever.

Prayer after prayer as each teardrop falls, I wish now to see you again. Your voice hovers, the air is filled with your spirit, I know that you are there.

Alton Ramsey is an American-born Georgia native, currently living in Abu Dhabi. He is a consultant by day, poet, artist, and person of film by night. After landing in the UAE in 2011, he officially began life behind the mic at Rooftop Rhythms. He was recently chosen as Master of Ceremony for poetry performances at Louvre Abu Dhabi and currently honors a mentorship with poets throughout the Emirates.

He has been happily married to wife Benita for over 16 years and has a beautiful 5-year-old daughter, Morgan Iman.