Mission Statement

Electra Street is a journal of the Arts & Humanities published at NYU Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The journal serves as a forum for arts and humanities work produced in the NYUAD community.  Founded in part as a response to the dynamic and transformative energies that characterize Abu Dhabi as a cultural hub, Electra Street draws attention to the physical, artistic, intellectual, and expressive journeys (or paths) undertaken by members of NYUAD as they produce and map the many nodes and networks of artistic and intellectual production in the university and city.  We are dedicated to the presentation and production of artistic and humanistic practice, not only as they relate to NYUAD and Abu Dhabi, but also to regional and global contexts.  Our journal seeks to examine arts and humanities beyond disciplinary and media-specific boundaries and foreground the complex interrelationships between art, humanities, and culture.