The seventh issue of AIRPORT ROAD, the journal of student creative work sponsored by Electra Street, was published in Spring 2018. This issue features original prose, poetry, and visual art by members of NYU’s Global Network student community. Hard copy (gratis) is available from the office of the Dean of Arts & Humanities at NYUAD’s Saadiyat campus.


Alice Huang, Bill’s Place
Vamika Sinha, arrangements
Vamika Sinha, in a bathroom at the silver center
Zoe Patterson, Mother
Thirangie Jayatilake, Broken Waves
Alice Huang, Contemplation
Neha John, Notes of sands from home or  buildings, buildings, buildings
Amna Alharmoodi, 19
Muhammad Shehryar Hamid, Plastic Overdose
Alice Huang, Simmer
Vamika Sinha, in a sentimental mood
Smrithi Nair, Girl Surprises All, Saves the World
Aiman Khurram, My Pillow Book


evgenija filova, poem for a place
Shamma Al Bastaki, Unibrow
Aiman Khurram, Untitled
Zoe Patterson, A Beats on the Beach True Story
Arthur De Oliveira, Being Eaten Alive is Unlike Anything Else
Rosy Tahan, In Your Absence I Read Sartre
Shamma Al Bastaki, The Sparrows Are Waiting/Shoot
Arthur De Oliveira, The Axolotl
Amal Al Shamsi, Faces of the Surface
Thirangie Jayatilake, Washington Square Park
evgenija filova, night
Sabrina Zhao, To Me
Zoe Patterson, Untitled
Muhammad Shehryar Hamid, In Remembrance
Leanne Talavera, Supposedly
Shamma Al Bastaki, Concave
Archita Arun, to the place that did not keep me
Tan Tzy Jiun, Duality
Shamma Al Bastaki, Unoiled Lungs
Arthur De Oliveira, Green, Green, and Gone
Rosy Tahan, Between, a Haiku
Leanne Talavera, Indigo
Tan Tzy Jiun, Baguettes
Sabrina Zhao, Lady Rocket in Israel
Lauren You, Dear Korea
Arthur De Oliveira, Oh Look! A Street Fair! How Nice!
Arthur De Oliveira, Self-Diagnosing Missingness in the Body
Amal Al Shamsi, Serendi Pity
Amal Al Shamsi, On My Spine, a Manual
Tan Tzy Jiun, To Be Read Aloud
Amal Al Shamsi, Wo-manual
Aiman Khurram, To Be a Woman


Asma Balfaqih, Soccer Euphoria
Kevin Mokhtar, Endless Doorways
Adele Bea Cipste, Final Gathering Before Leaving for Faraway Places
Alia Al Jallaf, Recherché
Suraiya Yahia, الدردشة
Hatim Benhsain, The Other Side
Einas Alhamali (photographer) and Zainab Abdulrazzak (editor),  Balloon Lens
Sherry Yongyi Wu, Deconstruction
Adele Bea Cipste, Portrait of an Old Man
Luis Carlos Soto, Pigeons
Asma Balfaqih, Vision-ary
Kevin Mokhtar, Rough Seas, Calm Pools
Tom Abi Samra, On a Ferry
Aya Bouhelal, Untitled
Tom Abi Samra, Life at Markazi
Adele Bea Cipste, Biting Cold
Asma Balfaqih, Lotus of Gold
Hatim Benhsain, Ragamala
Gábor Csapó, Smoke
Sreerag JR, Dirty
Muhammad Yasin, The Kaleidoscopic Campus!
Hatim Benhsain, Squeak
Nada Almosa, Persian Shield
Sabrina Zhao, 14th St
Valeriya Golovina, Opening Hours
Hatim Benhsain, United
Asma Balfaqih, A Thread of Hope
Asma Balfaqih,افنانذات‭ ‬العيون‭ ‬الكحيلة‭ ‬
Sreerag JR, American
Hatim Benhsain, #jesuis
Luis Carlos Soto, Human
Luis Carlos Soto, Monito
Sherry Yongyi Wu, Once during Meditation
Suraiya Yahia, Falleras
Hatim Benhsain, Angelique Kidjo
Tom Abi Samra, Stroll