The eighth issue of AIRPORT ROAD, the journal of student creative work sponsored by Electra Street, was published in Fall 2018. This issue features original prose, poetry, and visual art by members of NYU’s Global Network student community. Hard copy (gratis) is available from the office of the Dean of Arts & Humanities at NYUAD’s Saadiyat campus.


Karno Dasgupta, Funerals
Chiran Raj Pandey, How I Came to be Deaf
Alice Huang, The Only Way of Healing I Was Ever Able To Master
Louise Gerodias, The Other Face of Migration
Nada Almosa, Al Mala’ika
Amal Al Shamsi, Sleep
Zoe Patterson, The Pond
Alice Huang, Pool Day
Zoe Patterson, The School for Little Witches
Ria Golovakova, Wrong Shade of Red
Siya Chandrie, August
Warda Malik, Open Wounds, Open Laces
Louise Gerodias, Is That Butterfly Someone You Loved?
Alice Huang, Squanderer of Words


Leanne Talavera,
Taking Off
Vamika Sinha, movie
Vongai Mlambo, sometimes history continues
Zoe Patterson, Aircraft Cabin
Vamika Sinha, whole foods
Vamika Sinha, big apple
Zoe Patterson, Milton
Muhammad Shehryar Hamid, Bicycle
Chiran Raj Pandey, Meditation before Bed
Archita Arun, Whose water is it anyway?
Zoe Patterson, Ofelia and Ophelia
Alice Huang, Youth
Fatema Al Fardan, A Manifesto
Alice Huang, Romanticism
Gigs Banga, homesickness
Leanne Talavera, Falling Out
Gigs Banga, we’re flying
Vamika Sinha, Q Train
Karno Dasgupta, ancestry
Amal Al Shamsi, Aisle
Muhammad Rafay Ashfaq, Remanence


Anthony Chua, Nishiki’s Offerings
Adele Bea Cipste, Contemplation
Amna Al Ameri, Overthinking
Bana Alamad, مشقلب
Bana Alamad, ﺣﺒﻞ اﻟﻐﺴﻴﻞ ٢
Nadia Rabeh, Privileged Observants
Dominique Joaquin, Stroll
Adele Bea Cipste, On the Edge
Ethan David, Kata Tjuta
Sophia Karzai, Star
Rayna Li, Dreamscape
Rayna Li, O, full of scorpions is my mind62
Muhammad Shehryar Hamid, Ice Age
Muhammad Shehryar Hamid, Iceberg Lettuce
Hatim Benhsain, Whale
Maria Paula Calderon Acon, Coherence
Achrakat El Fitory, Beauty from Imilchil
Rayna Li, My Spirit Is Concealed Within the Corner of Darkness
Rayna Li, Mask
Tom Abi Samra, Mosque
Hatim Benhsain, Tranquil
Zeping Fei, Escape
Tom Abi Samra, Typography in Sharjah
Amna Al Ameri, Lego Houses
Tom Abi Samra, Raouche
Bana Alamad,درب
Adele Bea Cipste, Mother
Tom Abi Samra, Lebanon