The tenth issue of AIRPORT ROAD, the journal of student creative work sponsored by Electra Street, was published in December 2019. This issue features original prose, poetry, and visual art by members of NYU’s Global Network student community. Hard copy (gratis) is available while supplies last from the office of the Dean of Arts & Humanities at NYUAD’s Saadiyat campus. 



Mary Collins, Postcard to my Sister from the Swamps
Neha Reji John, Arabikatha 3.something
Scout Satterfield, The Beach
Amal Al Shamsi, Pink Chicks
Chiran Raj Pandey, Hangover Day In Kathmandu
Tan Tzy Jiun, Maternal Instincts
Dominique A. Joaquin, 21
Meg Nakagawa Hoffmann, The Renowned Orders of the Night
Sarah Afaneh, Bracelet
Sarah Afaneh, Constitution
Marium Shahzaib Trunkwala, Departure


Fiona Lin, going
Bhrigu Bhatra, Nejd Plateau—Dhofar, Oman
Vongai Christine Mlambo, Multiplayer Machine
Arthur de Oliveira, I am Interactable. 124 Years of Diplomacy Collide Interests at H&M
Jaime Andres Fernandez Uribe, An Inconvenience
Vongai Christine Mlambo, The Flames That Burn
Bana Alamad, ماذا†يحدث†لو†تركنا†شعرنا†يرقص†مع†الهواء؟
Mary Collins, Weatherwoman
Bhrigu Bhatra, Palimpsest
Emily Broad, To My Grandmother
Arthur de Oliveira, Zaisu
Nur’aishah Shafiq, god of none
Máté Hekfusz, Memories I
Isabel Ríos, Cuando cantan los cantaros
Bana Alamad, نسيت
Emily Broad, Carolina on my Mind
Maria Jose Alonso, Exceso de equipaje
Katie Paton Glasgow-Palmer, Tamaki Drive 


Isabel Ríos, No vi un gato
Wilder Worrall, Sad Sight for Exploring
Emily Broad, Liwa Shack
Melika Shahin, Bridge
Ndabhiti, #myNYUAD
Ingie Baho, Migration
Ria Golovakova, Caramel
Meg Nakagawa Hoffmann, the taste of color
Nada Almosa, Social Anxiety
Baraa Al Jorf, Shattered
Wilder Worrall, Who is Captive
Anthony Chua, Untitled
Aya Bouhelal, Berber Woman 2
Luis Carlos Soto, Volcán de Fuego
Hafsa Ahmed, Perched on the Edge of Two Worlds
Rayna Li, Is That All There Is?
Amna Al Ameri, The Sails
Zain Raef, Machines at Work
Luis Carlos Soto, تفضل
Fatema Al Fardan, Her Sunny Disposition
Rayna Li, Song of the Sunny Pass
Luis Carlos Soto, Curfew
Wilder Worrall, Many Wishes
Isabel Ríos, Mina
Melika Shahin, White
Zain Raef, Serenity
Muhmmad Shehryar Hamid, je ne regrette rien