Welcome to a special issue of AIRPORT ROAD, edited by Emily Broad and Nur’aishah Shafiq. Devoted to the ongoing global climate emergency, this issue of the NYUAD journal of student creative work sponsored by Electra Street features original prose, poetry, and visual art by members of NYU’s Global Network student community. It was published in September 2020.


Aathma Nirmala Dious, Susan Writes to Papa
Emily Broad, Gulf Heritage
Nur’aishah Shafiq, Void
Jamie Uy, Oxtail
Ivy Akinyi, The Whispers of Niyamgiri
Nur’aishah Shafiq, The Apostate
Jamie Uy, The Aubergine Autobiographies
Jamie Uy, Moth Killing for Beginners


Eddie Electra Han, Ouroboros
Vamika Sinha, alternate love letter
Nur’aishah Shafiq, dark magic
Emily Broad, Archiving the Climate Age
Smrithi Nair, house
Tusshara Nalakumar Srilatha, On Earth: a meditation from a mouth
Vongai Christine Mlambo, Tears That Wet The Ground
Grace Shieh, Wanderer
Chiran Raj Pandey, Snowpiercer
Athena Thomas, An Ode to Garbage
Cassandra Mitchell, And The Sun Hung
Maria Jose Alonso, Monarcas on Migration
Sara Pan Algarra, displaced body a letter to God
Sreerag JR, ballBuilding
Mary Collins, What can you do for the earth
Nur’aishah Shafiq, CPR
Grace Shieh, Lost Child, Red
Nur’aishah Shafiq, In Memoriam


Achrakat El Fitory, Manking Facing Uncertainty
Emily Broad, Black Earth
Vamika Sinha, the sun is a pistol
Noor Altunaiji, Camels Don’t Swim
Valeriya Golovina, Afternoons at the edge of the coast
Vamika Sinha, isolation
Boby Liu Chihling, You Can’t See Me With Your Eyes Closed
Vamika Sinha, the errors of hands
Achrakat El Fitory, Revenge of the Earth
Sara Pan Algarra, Airport Road 11 Cover Competition Submission #1
Emily Broad, Jazeerat Al Hamra
Michelle Hughes, looking in or out, toward or away
Vamika Sinha, sunken
Achrakat El Fitory, Mourning of the Forest Nymph
Emily Broad, Infestation
Rayna Li, personal <– protection –> Earth
Athena Thomas, Trashy Nights & Snowy Days
Emily Broad, Factory
Michelle Hughes, untitled
Achrakat El Fitory, Where Do We Go Now
Al Reem Al Hosani, Airport Road 11 Cover Competition Submission #2
Rayna Li, Untitled (Homage to Filippino Lippi)
Emily Broad, Manmade
Valeriya Golovina, Kekeno
Emily Broad, Trash Triptych
Aya Afaneh, Masked
Sreerag JR, This is How the World Moves
Rayna Li, Untitled