The Winter 2021 issue of Airport Road is edited by Mary Collins, Tusshara Nalakumar Srilatha, and Yasmeen Tajiddin. The front and back covers are by Rayna Li.


Angad Johar, Notes From a Funeral
Fizza Shabbir, Rupture [play]
Jianna Jackson, Reflections of He Who Has Done the Unimaginable
Gentle Ramirez, Waiting on white supremacy to end is waiting for jesus to return. AKA Death to America:
Kaashif Hajee, New York, Interrupted: My Introduction and Farewell to the City
Klethon Gomes dos Santos, Red Root
Sherry Wu, In Response to Channel #8
Nada Almosa, Documenting Sanctuary #1
Hamza Kamil, The Deep Meaning of Things
Aathma Nirmala Dious, What haunted the men on Hamdan Street?
Fizza Shabbir, Lost Word
Anonymous, Homecoming: A Journey Home to Myself: An Excerpt
Gentle Ramirez, Keep Pledging Betrayal


Cassandra Mitchell, Adoring Earth
Nada Almosa, Tickling Games #2
Abigail Koomson, Musings
Aishah Shafiq, Becoming Jonah
Mary Collins, Billy Graham’s Wife Stages Her Rebellion
Archita Arun, Witness
Jamie Uy, Elegy With a Death Star Inside It
Nada Almosa, Excerpts from Sarah Hegazi’s Letter in Exile
Aishah Shafiq, Protest
Oscar Bray, Two: A Ghazal
Gentle Ramirez, There’s No Such Thing As A Bronx Accent
Andrew Riad, Home?
Nada Almosa, Documenting Sanctuary #2
Mary Collins, Ars Poetica
Naeema Mohammed Sageer, Peter Pan
Fiona Lin, you were;
Fizza Shabbir, Immigrant Speech
Oscar Bray, Monolinguiosis
Maryam Almansoori (translation by Tom Abi Samra), where
Joanna Orphanide, Strain


Yesmine Abida, Rediscovering
Pamela Martinez and Emília Vieira Branco, In Front of Us
Hannah Greene, To new beginnings
Nontaporn Silruk, Authenticity
Salama Almheiri, The Sunset We Saw That Day
Pamela Martinez, Diasporic Migration
Pamela Martinez, The revolutionary childhoodness
Cassandra Mitchell, Golden 1
Hannah Greene, Electronic Society
Pamela Martinez, Embodying the Utopia
Quim Paredes, Discover
Kyle Adams, Saloon
Hannah Greene, Becoming Okay
Michelle Hughes, I paint pretty things [because it makes me happy]
Kyle Adams, King of the Fae
Nada Almosa, Melting
Baraa Al Jorf, Almost
Quim Paredes, Snake Vision
Michelle Hughes, Structured Saadiyat Sunset