The thirteenth issue of AIRPORT ROAD, the journal of student creative work sponsored by Electra Street, was published in Spring 2022. Edited by Oscar Bray, Fiona Lin, and Ioanna Orphanide, and informally organized around the idea of “inside,” this issue features original prose, poetry, and visual art by members of NYU’s Global Network student community. The cover art is by Yoon Hee Kim.


Sarah Afaneh, rays of the same sun
Al Reem Al Beshr and Emma Anderson,
In Other Times, Other Places
Amrita Anand,
Manuel López Ramírez, Worms
Karno Dasgupta,
The present cannot.  
Joseph Hong,
Six Shots, Data Structures, and a Four-in-the-Morning High
Xiaohui Liu,
Bruna Barreto,
Summer in Italy
Jung Ho Han,
Calla Lillies
Jung Ho Han, Matricide
Zhiyu Lindy Luo, Blue Inca
Jianna Jackson, The Wide Fit
Al Reem Al Nuaimi, Journal Entry #27
Karno Dasgupta, To those who do not linger 


Mohammed Muqbel, My Story
Nelda John,
On the Fence
Klethon Gomes,
What Is The Shape Of Your Body?
Joseph Hong,
Stefan Mitikj,
Hit in the Marrow
María Emilia Baca, The soul that forgets
Sarah Afaneh, adolescence
Mostafa Elsaid,
the back seat
Jung Ho Han,
Auld Lang Syne
Karno Dasgupta, for shame, or sorry
Zhiyu Lindy Luo, Solarisian
Al Reem Al Nuaimi,
What Dreams Are Made Of
Karno Dagupta,
still raw kin
Sophie Helena Biervert, Unbroken
Joseph Hong,
Al Reem Al Nuaimi, mismatch
Manuel López Ramírez, Cheers
Aisha Al Hammadi, Journey of Exploration
Karno Dasgupta, feet on the street 
Zelalem Waritu, The Universe within the Black Woman
Al Reem Al Nuaimi, The Gazelle
Joseph Hong, A Love Story
Mahrukh Riaz, Stuck with Words
Sophie Helena Biervert, The Underneath
Jung Ho Han,


Yesmine Abida, pictures on the wall
Mohammad Hindieh,
Amman Citadel
Yoon Hee Kim, 2 PM, Train Station in Madrid
Ning Zhou, 
Insiya Motiwala,
Yoon Hee Kim,Casa Batlló  
Yoon Hee Kim,
Just Look, Don’t Touch  
Victoria Marcano,
D i s t a n c e d  
Amy Qian,
Suzhou City
Ilya Akimov,
In My Room  
Yesmine Abida,
bedroom meets the sea
Amy Qian,
girl in a museum
Yunyi Wang,
Fatima Rija Nadeem,
An Abandoned Blur
Ilya Akimov,
Floating Orange   
Amy Qian,
past and now
Rayni Li,
Xianda (Grandpa)
Ilya Akimov,
Lady by the Window  
Yoon Hee Kim,
20-Minute Hike  
Yoon Hee Kim,
Table for Two  
Yoon Hee Kim,
Adjectives Sihyunhada  
Yoon Hee Kim,
Outside Looking In (I)  
Aman Assali,
The Moon
Roudhah Al Mazrouei,
Aayat Azim,
Aayat after Hector McDonnell’s “Temple of the Winds”
Aayat Azim,
That Fire Petaled Within
María Emilia Baca,
Rayna Li,
My Father’s Job
Insiya Motiwala,
In Aankhon Ki Masti
Yesmine Abida,
finding nostalgia
Yunyi Wang,
Bamboo Shadow
Yoon Hee Kim,
Lady of Soonra
Bayan Assali, Minimal Plant
Yoon Hee Kim, what we’ve all been waiting for
Yoon Hee Kim, Half-Past Twelve, Musée d’Orsay
Yoon Hee Kim, Outside Looking In (II)


Matthew Tan, Impromptu Op. Covid 19 (film)
Peter Mahhov,
Nothing to Fear (interactive fiction)