The fourteenth issue of AIRPORT ROAD, the journal of student creative work sponsored by Electra Street, was published in January 2023. Edited by Amrita Anand and Amal Surmawala, this issue features original prose, poetry, and visual art by members of NYU’s Global Network student community. The cover art is by Yoonsik Chico Park.


Maya Iliniza Blodgett, Two Homes
Cadence Cheah, Milo With Soaked Oats
Joseph Hong, Rainbringer
Rifal Imam, 21 Lightbulbs
María Emilia Baca, Rain in May
Joseph Hong, Breadcrumbs
Fiona Lin, Moving
Nelda John, Birthday Blues
Sidra Dahhan, Skeletal Photographs
Manuel López Ramírez, DEBRIS
Amrita Anand, Procession of the Seasons


Amal Surmawala, airplane seat protectorate
Ioanna Orphanide, (T)here
Manuel López Ramírez, Car Ride
Aarushi Prasad, Anabranch (after Lyn Hejinian)
Cadence Cheah, The Standing Shoe: Un-Solved!
Aarushi Prasad, Raw Mangoes of the Graveyard
Amal Surmawala, temporary fix
Ioanna Orphanide, On Cat Island
Dixit Timilsina, Museum of Emotions
Cadence Cheah, Grandma’s Words on How to Hoard
Klethon Gomes, Ebony
JJ Jackson, Xaymaca 60
Aarushi Prasad, The Cursed Blessing
Amal Surmawala, midnight dances
Amrita Anand, Visions in Darkness
Zhiyu Luo, It’s Halloween Night and I Will Dress Up as a Happy Woman
Linh Hoang, birthed
Klethon Gomes, My Heart Exhumes Thee
Danial Tajwer, With Whomsoever (Aaj Hum Jinn Se Bhi)
Aarushi Prasad, Arson in My Arteries


Yoonsik Chico Park, hello boss, New York University, Saadiyat Island please
Yoonsik Chico Park, Saadiyat Beach 1
Yoonsik Chico Park, Saadiyat Beach 2
Yoonsik Chico Park, St. George (Rooftop Cleaner on Top of the Arts Center)
Yoonsik Chico Park, Arrival of Spring
Amy Qian, From My Window
Yoonsik Chico Park, New Dreams
Yoonsik Chico Park, From Battle of the Bands
Yoonsik Chico Park, Looking Up
Yoonsik Chico Park, Road to Where?
Yoonsik Chico Park, It’s Okay to Feel Alone
Yoonsik Chico Park, Conversations to Be Had
Yoonsik Chico Park, Circus at Columbia University
Marta Natalia Pienkosz, The Vicissitudes of Weather
Rishit Saxena, Enclosed 4
Aneeka Paul, Crescent 6
Aneeka Paul, Luna: The Mystical 7
Yoonsik Chico Park, Conversations with Grandpa

Front and back covers by Yoonsik Chico Park