The first issue of AIRPORT ROAD, a journal of student creative work sponsored by Electra Street, was published in Spring 2014. The inaugural issue features original prose, poetry, and visual art produced by members of NYU’s GNU student community. Hard copy (gratis) is available from the office of the Dean of Arts and Humanities at NYUAD’s Saadiyat Campus.


Carlos Perez,”59th and Lexington”
Veronica Houk, “Lady Mozzy”
Faustina Lim, “Half Poet to Dead Poet”
Tessa Ayson, “Post”
Valentina Vela, “Fragments from a fragmented youth”
Lucas Olscamp, “Tell Me Something”
Sara Bahermez, “Homebred”
Oscar Lozano, “Mother. Father. My children.”
Daria Karaulova, “Yes. No.”
Libby Goss, “Gates of Gold”
Megan Eloise, “gunpowder”
Tessa Ayson, “A Note, A Tick”
Rabha Ashry, “home/utopia”
Joey Bui, “Man With an Axe”
Cristobal Martinez Yanes, “Poem No. 2”


Tom Taylor, “A Routine”
Carmen Germaine, “On Eating Meat”
Neha Hirve, “The Fall of a Hundred Things”
Maheen Zahra, “The Air of London”
Nafisatou Mounkaila, “This I believe”
Carmen Germaine, “The Burden”
Veronica Houk, “Paper Dreams”
Emily Eagen, “Euridia’s Cry”
Zhao Xu, “The Twilight Zone”
Nicole Lopez del Carril, “Eating Fire”
Jamie Sutherland, “The Professor Zeinfeldt”
Nadeen Alalami, “Counting Down”
Sachi Leith, “Dromedaries”

Emily Wang, “Abu Dhabi”
Diana Gluck, “Movement”
Zahida Rahemtulla, “Burj Basil”
Joey Bui, “Impassive, 7 Letters”
Agustina Zegers, “Off-Chance”
Agustina Zegers, “Composition with Orange & Banana”
Cleo Smits, “Shoe Portraits Series”
Khadija Toor, “Portraits 1 and 2”
Diana Gluck, “Inside / Outside”
Megan Eloise, “Michael”
Anastasia Steshina, “A Peek”
Mika Koulibaly, “Solitude”
Diana Gluck, “Pond”
Natalie McCauley, “Le Crayon de Dieu”
Neha Hirve, “dance of the smurfs”
Natalie McCauley, “Beach Mosque”
Natalie McCauley, “Senegalese Sunset”
Mika Koulibaly, “Intrigue”
Emily Wang, “Hatta, UAE”
Nahal Mustafa, “Dil e awara”