The second issue of AIRPORT ROAD, a journal of student creative work sponsored by Electra Street, was published in Spring 2015.¬†This issue features original prose, poetry, translation, and visual art by members of NYU’s Global Network student community.¬†Hard copy (gratis) is available from the office of the Dean of Arts and Humanities at NYUAD’s Saadiyat Campus.


Grega Ulen, “Scars”
Brooks Fowler, “11.7.14”
Krishan Mistry, “madipoem 3.5”
Grega Ulen, “Like Words”
Grega Ulen, “Success”
Hannah Taylor, “Hunger”
Hannah Taylor, “(over)whelmed”
Laura Waltje, “Transmission”
Khadeeja Farooqui, “Untitled”
Krishan Mistry, “Fourth Generation4.0”
Mariam ElZogby, “Abandonment”
Thirangie Jayatilake, “Leyn Baan St”


Veronica Houk, “Circle”
Laura Waltje, “Sundays”
Thirangie Jayatilake, “Liquid Children”
Joey Bui, “Dinosaurs”
Mariam ElZogby, “Sorting Through”
Joey Bui, “Hey, Brother”
Kristina Stankovic, “Gone with Hieu Nguyen Min”

Humma Bhagani, “Ahead of the Stars”
Roland Folkmayer, “I Cannot Tell It To Anybody”

Allegra Sussman, “Untitled”
Julia Saubier, “In the Making”
Diana Gluck, “Window”
Brooks Fowler, “icarus”
Khadija Toor, “Flash Forward”
Khadija Toor, “Details”
Nikolai Kozak, “Texture #32”
Allegra Sussman, “Untitled”
Diana Gluck, “Sama Studio”
Khadija Toor, “Garage”
Julia Saubier, “Moby Dragon”
Julia Saubier, “Pray, Mantis”
Diana Gluck, “Split Street”
Julia Saubier, “Child’s Play”
Nikolai Kozak, “Camellos”
Allegra Sussman, “Untitled”
Cleo Smits, “Untitled Series”
Diana Gluck, “Walkway”
Brooks Fowler, “aftermath”