The third issue of AIRPORT ROAD, a journal of student creative work sponsored by Electra Street, was published in Spring 2016. This issue features original prose, poetry, and visual art by members of NYU’s Global Network student community. Hard copy (gratis) is available from the office of the Dean of Arts and Humanities at at NYUAD’s Saadiyat Campus.


Supriya Kamath, “The Beginning”
Isabella Peralta, “Hide and Seek”
Ayah Rashid, “Sea Me”
Prasant Adhikari, “Life”
Prasant Adhikari, “Self”
Kristina Stankovic, “Water”
Thirangie Jayatilake, “Fort Weddings”
Hannah Taylor, “On the Metro”
Hannah Taylor, “Dismantling the American Dream”
Hannah Taylor, “Lessons”
Hannah Taylor, “Homemaking”
valentina vela giraldo, “this is where i love you”
Riva Razdan, “The Piano Man”
Megan Eloise, “Unemployment Haiku”
Isabella Peralta, “Upgrade with Some FriesI”
Supriya Kamath, “Something”
Christina Dah-In Chung, “Walking on the Seasons”
Krishan Mistry, “Excerpt from ‘Week 4 Attempt 8′”


Joey Bui, Horizon
Hurbert Henrico Shauri, “A Guest from the 2090s”
Kristina Stankovic, “Perals”
Shenuka Corea, “Thangachchi’s Yaka: A Children’s Story”
Zoe Cook, “Guilt & Rain”

Alyssa Yu, “Head in the Clouds”
Alyssa Yu, “Invincible Invisible”
Anastasiia Zubareva, “View from My Window, Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi”
Karma Gurung, “On the Beach”
Alyssa Yu, “Smell the Roses”
Alyssa Yu, “Pinatubo”
Anastasiia Zubareva, “Daily Gratitude Mantras”
Yunbo Wu, “FRAME”
Yunbo Wu, “frame”
Alyssa Yu, “Sake to Me”
Luis Carlos Soto, “City Lights”
Karma Gurung, “Fishing”
Ahmad Yacout, “Beast”
Karma Gurung, “On the Train”
Luis Carlos Soto, “Creek Afternoon”
Alyssa Yu, “Tibidabo”
Karma Gurung, “Monkey”
Alyssa Yu, “Camouflage”
Alyssa Yu, “Summer Blues”
Alyssa Yu, “Deserted”