The fifth issue of AIRPORT ROAD, a journal of student creative work sponsored by Electra Street, was published in Spring 2017. This issue features original prose, poetry, and visual art by members of NYU’s Global Network student community. Hard copy (gratis) is available from the office of the Dean of Arts & Humanities at NYUAD’s Saadiyat campus.


Isabella Peralta, kabayan
Lateefa Almazrooei, Adolescence
Tzy Jiun Tan, One Sum of Two
Thirangie Jayatilake, Above the Sea
Emma Kay Tocci, In Response to Howl pt. 1
Vamika Sinha, New Delhi
Saif Abdalla, Interaction
Lina Elmusa, Apolitical Body
Archita Arun, Dhadkhan
Mariam ElZoghbi, The Art of Shock
Zoe Jane Patterson, Lupine
Tala Nassar, Romanticized Pain
Esad Babačić, Makedonska [The Macedonian]  English translation by Grega Ulen
Zoe Jane Patterson, Orbit
Emma Kay Tocci, a City Girl to the Boy Back Home
Vamika Sinha, stunner
Laura Johnna Waltje, Schlaff Weiter
Lina Elmusa, From Under the Occupation
Tzy Jiun Tan, Remembering Kuala Lumpur
Boris A. Novak, Od/ločitve [Decisions]
English translation by Grega Ulen
Shenuka Corea, Untitled
English translation by Grega Ulen
Shenuka Corea, Expressionist
Lina Elmusa, My War
Muhammad Shehryar Hamid, The Road from Every Year


Julián Carrera, The Island
Nicole,Apple to Apples
Vamika Sinha, It Comes in Pieces
Salha Al Ameri, The Head of the Table
Vamika Sinha, While You Were Singing
Vamika Sinha, Arrivals and Departures
Mani, Fifteen Years in  Words


Yunbo Wu,家家 [Detail] (Front Cover)
Alice Huang, I do not work for art
Suraiya Yahia, Pious in Blue
Yunbo Wu, Morocco 2
Emma Kay Tocci, Ophelia
May Baho, Untitled Drawing
Ahmad Yacout, Save Me
Yunbo Wu, Sri Lanka
Shenuka Corea, Abed
Luis Carlos Soto, Shu Khee
Alyssa Yu, Trust Issues
Kevin Mokhtar, Ladies in Pink
Luis Carlos Soto, Morning
Yunbo Wu, Ming
Ahmad Yacout, Adamwow
Zoltán Derzsi, Sivatagsziget
Suraiya Yahia, K.I.N.G.
Ethan David Lee, Gotcha
Chukwuyem J. Onyibe,  Tocka–noun: ’tō-skə
Suraiya Yahia, Death on a Wall
Shenuka Corea, The Fortuneteller
Laura Johanna Waltje, Helminth (1)
Laura Johanna Waltje, Helminth (2)
Tala Nassar, Starry Night Body Art
María José Alonso, Raw
Luis Carlos Soto, Chucho
Ahmad Yacout, Adam big problem
Teona Ristova, Time Lapse
Laura Johanna Waltje, Oma’s Hands
Alice Huang, Settle
Alyssa Yu, Vespers at San Miniato
Luis Carlos Soto, Horizon
Alice Huang, Armor
Luis Carlos Soto, Throwback
Tala Nasser, Ballerina
Yunbo Wu, Collect
Suraiya Yahia, Winter Juggler
Alyssa Yu, Marseille Fish
Roland Folkmayer, Lac Rose, Senegal
Yunbo Wu, Morocco 3
Gurgen Tadevosyan, In Between Skyscrapers
Ethan David Lee, Treasures of the Maze
Suraiya Yahia, Malaise on the Rooftops
Ahmad Yacout, Shreezus
Luis Carlos Soto, Bajii
Teona Ristova, Dynamics
Yunbo Wu, Beijing
Ethan David Lee, Hanging Footsteps
Alyssa Yu, Word Count
Flavia Cereceda, Corners in Dubai
Yunbo Wu, 家家 (Back Cover)