In the third periodical issue of Electra Street, we feature “Letters from Afar” essays by NYU Abu Dhabi students and alums. Charles Siebert served as the issue’s guest editor.

  • Foreword by Carol Brandt
  • “Introduction” by Charles Siebert
  • “Berlin Fever: Searching for the Heart of Swing” by Valeriya Golovina
  • “A Rising Hope for Ghana” by Tyler Headley
  • “Femicide” by Jocilyn Estes
  • “Farming the Conflict” by Leslie Gray
  • “Ephemeral People” by Zoe Jane Patterson
  • “H” by Nikolaj Nielsen
  • Afterword by Cyrus R. K. Patell

Hard copies (gratis) are available by request from the Office of the Dean of Arts & Humanities, NYU Abu Dhabi, Building A6, First Floor. Email your request to

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