In the inaugural periodical issue of Electra Street, we feature:

  • Editors’ Introduction [Download PDF here]
  • “Macbeth: The Tragedy We Have, the Tragedy We Need,” an essay by Catharine R. Stimpson with artwork by Lan Duong
  • “HEARTPIECE in Mongolia,” an essay by Michael Littig and Kevin Riordan
  • “An Inside Job? Revisiting Disciplinary Conceptions of ‘Native’ Anthropology,” an essay by Ankhi Thakurta
  • “Arab Crossroads Studies at NYU Abu Dhabi: A Regional Perspective,” an essay by Justin Stearns
  • “Egypt Everyday: The Photographs of Yasser Alwan – A Public Conversation,” an interview with photographer Yasser Alwan conducted by Shamoon Zamir [Click here for bonus content]
  • “Every Body is Marked,” fiction by Joey Bui
  • Poems by Sachi Leith
  • “My Sister the Lifeguard,” fiction by Jennifer Acker
  • “Metaethics,” an essay by Matthew Silverstein
  • “Traveling through the GNU,” an essay by Nathalie Peutz
  • Artwork and photographs by Liza Tait-Bailey, James Hunt, Anna Ivanova Kukova, Caroline Mobena, Khadija Toor, and Agustina Zegers.


Electra Street accepts unsolicited manuscripts. Our preferred length for articles and short fiction is 3,000 words. Articles should treat scholarly subjects of current interest, but be written with general readers in mind. Electra Street uses US-style punctuation and spelling. Citations should follow the latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style.

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