In the second periodical issue of Electra Street, we feature:

  • Introduction by Deborah Lindsay Williams and Cyrus R. K. Patell
  • “The Pygmy and the Protoplasm,” by Elizabeth L. Bradley
  • “A Family Slides” by Jill Magi
  • “An Interview with Slavs and Tatars” by Diana Gluck
  • “What We Gained in the Fire” by Jason Tougaw
  • “remembrance” by Rabha Ashry
  • “Two Stories” by Jim Savio
  • “Three Traditional Russian Fairy Tales Revisited” by Anna Kurkova
  • “Hamlet / Ur-Hamlet: Beyond Hamletmachine” by Arianna Stucki
  • “Becoming “Hamlet”” by Aysan Celik
  • “UR Hamlet” by Rubén Polendo


Electra Street accepts unsolicited manuscripts. Our preferred length for articles and short fiction is 3,000 words. Articles should treat scholarly subjects of current interest, but be written with general readers in mind. Electra Street uses US-style punctuation and spelling. Citations should follow the latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style.

Send queries or submissions to nyuad.electrastreet@nyu.edu.