Submission Form: 12 Novels Everyone Should Read

Welcome to the first installment of Electra Street‘s “Twelve Things” project. Our first topic is “Novels Everyone Should Read.”

Please enter your choices below. One or two sentences explaining each choice is fine. Remember, we’re not asking for your “desert island” list: these aren’t meant to be your 12 greatest novels of all time, merely a set of 12 books that you think every global citizen would profit from reading. You might think of the list as the basis for the syllabus  a course that you’d like to teach or take. You can organize it around a particular theme, if you like, and you’ll have the option of giving your list a title and describing your rationale at the end.

If you can’t finish the list all at once, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link to “Save and Continue Later.” You’ll receive a link that you can use to return to your submission for later.

Thanks for participating!

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